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Sue and her dolly-alter ego Kastalia
I just updated my profile (with a few typos and html fails that I'm too lazy to fix right now) with a new pic of the whole gang.

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I just went through my f-list and did a general cleanup, taking off deleted journals, old journals, multiples, and other ones where I couldn't exactly remember who they were. If I accidentally deleted your journal, just comment here and I'll fix that right away.



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Hello and Welcome to my journal!
I'm Kastalia on DoA, owner (?) of the dolly clothing line Angel Cherry Cupcake.

This journal contains the following:

1. cute dolly pics
2. funny dolly pics
3. occasional real-life updates (but not too many)
4. photostories of dolls doing cute/funny things
5. um....that's about it

If you add this journal, please leave a comment here. I'd be happy to add you back! However I may not if you don't have any posts in your journal or it's in a language I can't read (sorry!!).


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