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I'm an expat Canadian who plays with dolls far too much. My dolly family consists of four big girls, two little girls, a panda and a pirate who has forgotten where he parked his ship.

group pic, The whole gang, as of June, 2012

Mariya (Volks Kun/swaricco body)
age: 18
She's staying with Setsuna-mama, an old teacher of her father's as she completes her education.
likes: pink, cute things, strawberries, Hawthorne-neesan, Aki-chan, Chibi-Mariya, cakes, singing, having tea parties, Edna Panda, Setsuna-mama, Korben-niisan, Shelley Arden Quinn Sakaki-tan, Haruhi-chan, Stephanie-neesan, cupcakes, toast with jam and oh so many other lovely things!
dislikes: mean people, brussels sprouts.

Akiyo Hoshizaki (Volks Yori/SD10 hybrid)
age: 21
A serious and thoughtful girl who wants to be a wedding cake designer. Currently is a students of cake designing at the local community college and works part-time at the town's cake shop.
likes: decorating cakes, going shopping, reading magazines (especially KERA), listening to music (Moi Dix Mois and classical), playing with Mariya.
dislikes: rainy days. She has an old injury (the classic SD10 leg-issue) and she gets pains in it when it's rainy.

Edna Panda (gift from neku_niku)
age: none of your damn business!
likes: beer, junk food, reading naughty magazines, discovering new swear words, making off-colour jokes at the dinner-table.
dislikes: baths, being polite and not farting.

Hawthorne Weinberg(Soom Romantic Dillui/SD13 hybrid)
age: not sure, but old enough to drink!
Found by Mariya in the wreckage of an ancient cathedral by the sea, Hawthorne is full of mysteries (but motly just emo). Hawthorne identifies strongly with the Jewish faith and feels the struggles of the Jews reflect her own inner turmoil and persecution.
likes: weapons, black, scary things, her "angry" hat, writing emo-poetry and angsting.
dislikes: cute things, people who talk a lot.

Chelsea DuCaine (DoT Shall)
age: 20s
The deputy sheriff of the little seaside village of Nagoya, she wishes she were in a more dangerous and exciting place. Watches too much CSI and Rocky Horror Picture Show.
likes: shooting things, rock n' roll, riding her motorcycle, dispensing justice and frisking pretty girls. Or any girls for that matter.
dislikes: people who talk back.

Chibi-Mariya (Volks yo-SD Kun)
age: appears to be about 6
She is a (mostly) imaginary little girl who likes getting into things and having adventures. She loves cute things and hugs and can only be seen by Mariya and Edna Panda. Sometimes Hawthorne gets a glimpse of her out of the corner of her eye, but since she doesn't like kids, she ignores the Chibi.

Abigail aka "Spooky" (Minoru World Junior Clare)
age: it's a mystery, but she appears to be about 10
She's a rather mysterious cousin of Sparrow who was suddenly shipped from the Far East to come live with the girls.
likes: darkness, the cellar, spiders, scaring people, singing spooky songs alone at night and money (preferably cash)
dislikes: cute things, strawberries, happiness and sunlight.

Captain Jack P. Sparrow (F40 sunlight)
age: 38
He would rather be braving the high seas than having tea and scones with Mariya and Setsuna-mama, but unfortunately he can't seem to find his ship. A very sharp dresser and rather rakish fellow with a penchant for getting himself into trouble.
likes: rum, the ocean, being a pirate, dressing sharp, being cool, chatting up cute girls and handsome guys (he does not discriminate)
dislikes: when the rum is gone, getting into trouble (although he does it often enough)

Sparrow is not actually mine (doll-in-law...??), but he lives at my house and the girls seem to have accepted him into their little family.